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CanStudyUS Fellowship

An annual speaker series that provides students and young professionals aged 20-35 with insights into U.S. policy-making and politics. The CanStudyUS Fellowship was designed by the Dais at Toronto Metropolitan University for young people with an active interest in policy and current affairs to learn from experts and leaders in the United States.

8 weeks

In-person and live virtual sessions

Learn from experts and leaders from the U.S

Winter 2024 session: TBA

What’s Included

Policy Analysis
The first six sessions in the speaker series will be panel-based. We’ll kick off with a summary of the policy issue at hand from the Dais’s Executive Director, Karim Bardeesy, and then listen to experts and leaders from the U.S. on a panel sharing their takes on the policies.

Learn How To Influence Policy
The Fellowship is focused on learning followed by action. By week 7, you’ll be more knowledgeable on U.S. policies, how they affect Canada, and which issues interest you the most. The last two sessions in the fellowship will be workshops focused on how you can influence policy to create social change in your community and will be designed to get you thinking like a leader.  We’ll help you turn your passion in action.

Ongoing Connection
For each session, you will be in a virtual room with up to 150 peers, all selected for their skills, interests, and commitment to making change. You’ll have the opportunity to build relationships and further discuss the sessions’ content in a private LinkedIn community group. At the end of the program, you’ll join our CanStudyUS alumni network and will have access to exclusive events and networking opportunities.

Recognition of Your Skills
All Fellows who attend at least six of the eight live sessions will receive a certificate and a LinkedIn badge to acknowledge the skills they have gained through the program.


  • Emerging leaders living in Canada aged 20-35 including students from institutions across the country and young professionals
  • Demonstrable interest in leadership and public policy
  • Commitment to complete full program and attend all workshops

Applications are judged based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated interest in leadership and public policy and clear articulation of how the program will help further their career or educational goals
  • Demonstrated interest in building their own leadership skills with strong sense of where and how they would apply their newfound knowledge
  • Diversity of political thought and geographic region
  • Diversity in terms of Indigenous identity, race, gender identity, (dis)ability, and sexual orientation


“The speakers were all excellent and very engaging. I appreciated their unique professional and personal experiences which were a fascinating insight into the US political context and its different dimensions. I also just really appreciated how candid they were, and that we likely would not have had a chance to connect with them if the program wasn’t delivered virtually.”

“A phenomenal opportunity to learn, grow and engage with others.”

“I really enjoyed hearing first-hand insights and experience from leaders working in various sectors. Also, getting to connect with the other fellows has been incredible and I look forward to continuing to build these relationships outside of the fellowship!”

The Impact

CanStudyUS 2023 Home and Away Reflections
  • 97% had a better understanding of community change-making, public policy and democratic engagement 
  • 97% have increased their political literacy and knowledge of political systems
  • 86% had a better understanding of US-Canada relations