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Canada’s platform for bold policies and better leaders.

Microphone and platform illustration

Our name means ‘raised platform.’

A dais (day-es) is a place that illuminates the people on it.
And it reminds us that real change only happens when we lift new voices and ideas.


Canada’s Got Tech Talent report series provides a comprehensive overview of the size of the tech workforce in Canada, where tech work is growing and shrinking geographically, the demographics of who Canadian tech workers are, and their pay and participation …
A policy response brief to Bill 194: Strengthening Cyber Security and Building Trust in the Public Sector Act, 2024, tabled by the Government of Ontario’s Minister of Public and Business Service Delivery on May 13th, 2024. The Bill seeks to …
The white paper discusses the rising threat of online disinformation targeting Canadian companies, affecting brand trust, share prices, and economic stability. It highlights the role of generative AI in amplifying false narratives and provides practical solutions for corporate leaders to …
In recent years, the City of Toronto has been making advancements to overcome significant disparities in internet access within the City. However, some significant gaps remain and need to be addressed in order to fully close the digital divide.

What we work on

Tackling the biggest challenges facing Canada.

Icon - Innovation and Technology

Innovation and Tech

Growing a more inclusive economy and lasting prosperity through innovation, while harnessing technology responsibly.

Icon - Education and Skills

Education and Skills

Ensuring that our education and training systems are equitably preparing Canadians to thrive in a changing world.

Icon - Democracy and Trust

Democracy and Trust

Better equipping a broader set of leaders to advance positive policy change and rebuild trust in public institutions.

All public purpose institutions must address both reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and the existential threat of climate change. For us, these cross-cutting topics influence everything we do.

What we do

Bold ideas + deliberate action = impact.

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Policy and research

Lead in-depth, applied policy research and analysis that informs and inspires action on the most urgent challenges facing Canada.

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Leadership development

Equip leaders, and aspiring leaders, with the knowledge and skills they need to make positive change in their organizations, institutions and communities.

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Community-building and convening

Connect people to thousands of others who are working together to build a more inclusive, innovative and prosperous Canada.