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Influencing action on climate change

Wildfires, droughts and missed carbon reduction targets can, sometimes, make the fight against climate change feel hopeless.

But the solutions are growing faster than the problems. And with some key pieces of work—values mapping, using the latest innovative communications tools—we can persuade decision-makers to take action, and foster a culture of environmental responsibility.

While the existential threat of climate change cross-cuts everything we do in our policy and research work, we’ve embarked on some key initiatives to help move the needle on action through research, education, and youth-focussed programs.

Latest Research

Policy and data-based insights covering pressing issues in our society, economy and democracy.

Young man looking to the world through a magnifying glass

As Canadian representatives gather with counterparts from around the world at the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), it is a significant moment to take stock of the attitudes of younger Canadians about their personal actions to address climate change. This brief presents the findings of a survey that was conducted three times between February 2022 and September 2023. 

Graphic - Clean Connection: How Digitization Can Support Canada’s Path to Net-Zero

Canada’s pursuit of a net-zero future is occurring amidst the rapid and transformative digitization of the country’s economy and society. Enabled by innovations in information and communications technology (ICT), digitization is impacting everything from industrial production, supply chains, and business services to internet-enabled “smart” mobility, energy, and household devices.


Short learning courses that range from 6 to 12 weeks, suitable for all learners.

Our Climate Communications to Drive Action course uses tested best practices and real-life experience to equip learners with the communications techniques and tools they need to make their communities, organizations and workplaces climate leaders.

Youth Programs

Programs focussed on supporting youth to drive action on Climate change.

Generation Climate Logo

Generation Climate is a youth-driven initiative focused on building factual awareness about, and solutions to, climate change.

Illustration of a young woman holding a sign written "Climate YES"

Climate YES! Is part of the Generation Climate project which aims to increase climate literacy and encourage climate action in Canadian youth, aged 18-30.