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CURV 840 – Secure and Responsible Tech Policy

The Curv microcredential is a rapid, two-week assessment sprint. Whether you’re an early career or more experienced professional, this microcredential assesses whether you have the knowledge and skills to effectively create secure and responsible tech policy for Canada.

2 weeks (8 hours)


Learn from an industry expert

Spring 2024 session: May 13, 2024 to May 24, 2024

Cost: $349

CURV Microcredential

About the course

In a rapidly evolving Canadian and global landscape, digital technology is profoundly transforming industries, social interactions, public services, and our day-to-day lives. While many of the impacts have been positive, societal, political and technical risks, as well as unintended consequences have also emerged. These are impacting the economy and consumers, public health and national security, marginalized and vulnerable communities, as well as democracy and civil society.

A key factor in all of this is the failure of tech policy to keep up with the pace of innovation. Tech policy includes the laws and regulation, international agreements and industry standards, and technologist training programs, research and advocacy that contribute to the governance of digital technology. Whether in social media and artificial intelligence, cyber security and digital connectivity, policymakers and influencers across Canada’s public, private, and civil society sectors are racing to catch up.

In Secure and Responsible Tech Policy, the scenario-based assessment provides you with a clearly defined task: analyzing a dynamic, “real life” tech policy issue using a set of tools and the principles-based secure and responsible technology (SRT) framework, and delivering actionable advice through a briefing presentation to an executive leadership team in a major organization.

There is no prerequisite for this Curv microcredential, but it assesses the knowledge and skills gained from the Secure and Responsible Tech Policy (SRTP) program, which offers six – or eight-week online courses for professionals through the Dais at Toronto Metropolitan University, in partnership with the Rogers Cybersecure CatalystCouncil of Canada InnovatorsOntario Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security, and Public Safety Canada.

Whether you’re an early career or more experienced professional, this microcredential assesses whether you have the knowledge and skills to effectively create secure and responsible tech policy for Canada.

What to expect

The Curv microcredential is a rapid, two-week assessment sprint.

During the first week, we provide self-study resources and exercises that you can do on your own to practice your skills and prepare for the assessment. During the second week, you will complete an assessment to demonstrate your competency.

The competency-based assignment will simulate a “real life” tech policy and analysis task, assessing your knowledge and skills in:

  • Scoping a complex tech policy issue within an organizational scenario
  • Mapping the actors and policy issues most relevant to your briefing scenario
  • Applying the SRT Framework to bring a principles-based lens of analysis
  • Synthesizing your research and analysis to develop a briefing presentation with key findings and actionable advice for decision-makers
  • Delivering a 10-minute video briefing presentation that simulates how you would communicate your analysis, findings, and advice to an executive leadership group.

Your work will be assessed by an expert and you will receive a grade and personalized performance feedback. If you successfully complete the assessment, you will receive a Toronto Metropolitan University Curv microcredential from The Chang School that proves your competency in Secure and Responsible Tech Policy.

Who should apply

This program is for professionals working in, or seeking to transition into, roles that directly engage with tech policy issues, whether in policy and regulatory development, program delivery, technology, advocacy, legal services, or other types of roles.

You could work for a government or regulatory agency, a large company, high-growth scaleup or tech startup firm, not-for-profit organization, or academic institution.

If you’re seeking professional development that contributes to job success and/or career advancement, this microcredential is for you.

Learner profiles include:

  • Policy, government/public affairs, legal, business development, and product development professionals
  • Technologists in infosecurity, privacy, integrity, and other tech-adjacent roles
  • Professionals who intersect with governments and regulators

Meet the instructor

André Côté the Director of Policy and head of the Secure and Responsible Tech Policy program at the Dais, a public policy and leadership think tank at Toronto Metropolitan University that aims to build a more inclusive, innovative, prosperous Canada. He’s worked in a variety of other roles at the intersection of policy, technology, and higher education as well as Senior Advisor to Ontario’s deputy premier and minister for Treasury Board Secretariat on technology and digital services; and as Chief Operating and Strategy officer with NEXT Canada, a national nonprofit incubator for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

André Côté