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Dais Events Community Guidelines

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By participating in a Dais event, you are agreeing to abide by Toronto Metropolitan University’s Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy and the Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct if applicable, but also joining us in the shared responsibility to maintain the following standards of respect and inclusion.

At the Dais, we aim to create a safe, inclusive and enriching environment for learning and dialogue. You can expect our team to treat all event attendees with respect and empathy. 

We encourage you to ask questions. They should be concise, respectful, and genuinely seeking information. 

We invite you to join us in creating a positive atmosphere. Bullying, harassment, discrimination and disrespect have no place in our community. Unacceptable behaviours include: 

  • Yelling, insults or profanity
  • Unwanted attention and sexual advances
  • Expressions of bigotry, hatred or prejudice
  • Violence, threats and intimidation
  • Not following instructions from event hosts

Engaging in these behaviours will result in your removal from the event.

If you experience or witness harassment or discrimination of any kind, you may notify any member of the Dais staff or contact: 

The Dais: 

TMU Security: 416-979-5040 | 

TMU Human Rights Services: 416-979-5349 |

Our values guide our actions and decisions, both externally and internally. They are:

  • Belonging: We are all in. We bring an equity lens to everything we do.
  • Hope: We believe that people have the power to make a better future.
  • Truth: We challenge perception with rigorous data and evidence.
  • Curiosity: We marvel at each opportunity to learn something new and innovate.
  • Courage: We don’t back down from hard questions, thorny problems or entrenched interests.
  • Care: We fight for progress, but not at any cost. Our health is our wealth.

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