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What’s in the Mix: Opportunities + challenges for municipal innovation procurement

February 2019

What's in the Mix: Opportunities + challenges for municipal innovation procurement


Annalise Huynh

Annalise Huynh


  • Michelle Park
  • Heather Russek
  • Peter Rose
  • Nisa Malli
  • Tea Hadziristic
  • Erin Warner
  • Vivian To
  • Jessica Thomson



Executive Summary

Governments worldwide are facing the challenge of doing more with limited resources. They are operating within a context of transforming public services, characterized by user-centric approaches and an increased reliance on technology, particularly for public engagement and decision-making. Governments are expected to drive economic growth while efficiently managing public funds and meeting rising demands for productivity and effectiveness.

Throughout Canada, public procurement has traditionally been the method through which federal, provincial, and municipal governments deliver essential services to the public and acquire the necessary goods and services to sustain government operations. This includes everything from computers and software to fire trucks and road salt. Within this context, public procurement serves as a vital tool for fostering innovation. It holds the potential to access new methods and approaches, involving a broader spectrum of partners, such as entrepreneurs and members of the creative economy.

Governments are increasingly interested in modernizing public procurement by making it faster, more flexible, more inclusive, and easier to comprehend. They aim to facilitate the involvement of a wider range of firms in developing innovative solutions that can assist governments in addressing urgent challenges.